Jennifer (ジェニファー, Jenifā) is the main protagonist in the game Rule Of Rose. She is often mention as an unucky girl.



Jennifer has brown hair that is pulled back into a bun. She also has her bangs put to the side. She is light skinned, and she wears a moss green colored dress with a red brooch on it. The dress is long sleeved. Jennifer also wears long black socks that go a little below the knees.She has brown dress shoes on.

When her younger self is shown, she has short brown hair, same green eyes. Her bangs are also pulled to the side. She wore a dress with a white ruffled apron like it. She also wore the red brooch. She has long blue gray sleeves. She also has brown dress shoes on with white stockings.




  • Fans often think he relationship with Wendy is something more, such as a lesbian relationship, however though during the game there is nothing that states this between them. Fans believe this because Wendy gets jealous of Jennifer with Brown instead of playing with her. They also think this because Jennifer kisses Wendy on the forehead, which Wendy did to her before. However, kissing someone on the forehead or cheek doesn't mean for them to be in love with each other, they may love each other, but much more like sisters, or best friends then lovers. Also, since Wendy and Jennifer were young at the time, it is doubted that they really have feelings for each other. Wendy was only jealous of Brown because she was lonely. Fans also believed for them to be lesbians because Wendy would pretend to be a princess and she first mistook Jennifer as a boy named "Joshua". Fans also seemed to believe that they are lesbians because they rubbed their foreheads together and holding hands on a cut scene, but in reality that doesn't mean anything towards them. Siblings when they are younger may also hold hands but does not mean it in a sexual way.
    • The game is also NOT listed on the list of LGBT games or none the characters are listed on the LGBT characters list.
    • Fans are also thinking that they are because after the gay marriage law was passed in 2016, they want to make everyone lesbian, homosexual, or bisexual, which most of the time isn't true about characters.