Margaret "Meg" (マーガレット, Māgaretto) is a character in the game Rule Of Rose.


  • Fans think that she is a lesbian and that she has lesbian feelings for Diana because she wrote her a letter that was described as a love letter. Of course, Meg may love Diana, but it is doubted that she loves her in a lesbian way, more as someone she looks up to or like an older sister way. This also appears in The Goat Sisters chapter. The title of the chapter could be referring to the fact that they act like sisters towards each other, and nothing more. Diana seems to not like Meg though, even though Meg likes Diana. Although there is a boss the player fights in the end of the chapter to do with two goat sisters, fans believed it represented Diana and Meg. That the goat sisters represent them, believing further that they are like sisters, however most fans deny this.
  • Some fans believed that she may have also liked Susan that way just because she hold it her hand when all the children in the orphanage was going to bed. However though, as the scene clearly shows nothing sexual about it. Susan is also a little bit younger than Meg, so it is doubtful that she really likes her that way. Meg may think of Susan as a younger sister or just a friend.